My First (Pregnant) Mother’s Day

Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there!

Yesterday morning started with the birds chirping and the bright sun shining in on my face. It was lovely! I went downstairs to find Lucky laying next to Josh as he read the paper. Josh came up to me with a big smile and a card in his hand that said “Mommy.”

I opened it and as I read the message Josh had written from our Peanut, I got all teary. 

I also found a gift card for a prenatal massage.  My back has been hurting a lot lately, so it was just what I needed. Did you catch her name on there? 🙂

After breakfast we got ready and headed to church like the good Catholics we’re not.  We arrived to a very full church a little bit late.  Must have been a Mother’s Day request of many moms that their kids go to church with them.  A very nice man saw us standing in the back and he offered me his seat.  That was awesome because the church was hot and my back was really achy.

We were both starving after the long mass…time to head to Denver for brunch with my family.  We arrived at The Brown Palace for the champagne brunch at Ellyngton’s.  Had I seen the pictures below prior to brunch I may not have indulged as much as I did.

The brunch was absolutely delicious, as it should have been for how pricey it was. 

Shortly after returning home from brunch it was time for my massage. Yeay!  After the massage I feel so much more relaxed and my back isn’t hurting…at least for now.  All in all I’d say my first Mother’s Day was a great one!

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