Mile High Baby Shower

I had another fantastic baby shower last week courtesy of my BFF Rachael and her awesome mom and sister. The three of them opened up their house to about some of my favorite friends and family members last Sunday.

My Little Sister Audrey and I

Soon-to-be Great Grandma Sutton and Great Great Aunt Ginny

Some of my KD Ladies

Some of my awesome friends

Unfortunately we didn’t capture everyone in these pics because I was so not on top of the picture taking.  

I like to call Rache my Martha Stewart.

She has a knack for entertaining and most definitely presentation. The food spread included my favorite cake ever from The Market, the Spring Fling…mmmm.

She even made two cocktails. One bowl full of strawberry-rhubarb sangria (hands off for me but I heard it was amazing) and a sparkling raspberry lemonade which was delicious!

As the guests started arriving we mingled, ate and worked on making little onesies. 

They all turned out so cute! I LOVE how they are all so unqiue and different. I’m so excited for our little Peanut to wear them. Honestly I can’t believe that something so tiny will fit her. I think she’s all set on onesies for the summer and really even into the fall.   As people were making their onesies we also had people cutting ribbon to guess how big my belly is. My friend Maegan must have some secret method to determining this because she was dead on!

After everyone was done with the onesies it was present time.  I have some very generous friends and family members. It was a good thing that I brought the big car to the shower because we filled up the back! 

I’ll spare you a million more pics of me opening the gifts. I love all of the cute stuff that we got!  I’m super excited to start washing all the little outfits and putting them in her closet and dresser. That’s a project for this weekend while Josh is at Daddy Bootcamp class.  That and writing all of my thank you cards.

I had a great time and I hope that everyone else did too! Thank you again to everyone for their generosity!  I’m very lucky.

P.S. I picked up her car seat and an extra base on my way home from work the other day with some gift cards I’ve received.

They will actually let us take her home now when she’s born.

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