Don’t worry, I know CPR

Last weekend Josh and I took a class in infant and child CPR. Considering they were teaching us lifesaving techniques the class was fairly short, about 4 hours or so and took place in the room I typically have prenatal yoga in.

The class consisted of watching videos on various scenarios, learning how to use an epi-pen and of course learning the heimlich and CPR.  Not going to lie, in the event of an emergency I feel like I’d be more likely to call 911 immediately then shout out, “I know CPR. I can help!”

We practiced on the adult dummies first. It was hard! Of course on a real human it would be difficult and exhausting as well. That is until their ribs broke and compressions were a bit easier. Next up were the babies. This was significantly easier, but all of a sudden I thought, will I remember any of this if Peanut starts choking or stops breathing? I immediately thought of my sister-in-law Amber having to jump up and try to remove a small chip that her daughter was choking on. It was alarming for sure but she was all of it. Granted she is also a trained nurse, but thinking about that made me confident that if our child started choking without thinking I’d jump into action.

If nothing else we now have some valuable skills that could potentially save a life, or at least help the man, woman or child in distress until help arrives.  I think it’s always better to be overprepared rather than underprepared.

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