Do I know you? No. Then hands off the belly.

I’ve been warned that it would happen, but I was starting to think that maybe I was an exception to the unwanted pregnancy touches. Then it happened on Saturday. I was out and about for my friend Kirsten’s bachelorette party. We’ll start there thought I’ll have to add pics later.

We all met at Lime Cantina downtown for a delicious Mexican feast. I almost accidentally poured myself a margarita from a pitcher I thought was filled with water. Oops! Luckily Thalia and Melinda caught me. Phew. I did get to partake in the lime shot. Our waiter filled my lime with lemonade. Not quite the same as the tequila shot, but hey, I got to go through the motions. 

After dinner and Kirsten’s blow job shot (so much more fun watching someone else take it, then taking it yourself!) we headed out for a bar. I stuck around for the first bar and caught up, had some fun, but I was starting to get really tired. Josh had been at a show at Comedy Works with some friends while I was at dinner. He was at a bar across the street so Rache and I said our goodbyes and headed over there to fetch Josh.

It was there that I had my stranger encounter. This chick was outside the bar where we were getting our IDs checked. Seems silly to have mine checked, but I’m sure I’ll be sad when they no longer even ask me.  Anyway, this chick totally accosted me at the door. I could not get past her. She just grabbed my belly. It was so unexpected I didn’t know what to do with myself. She did say that I was a super cute pregnant woman which was nice, but all I wanted to do was get her hands off of me and get my husband so I could go home.  Finally she let us go into the bar.

I don’t understand why people assume that pregnant bellies are public property. No one would dare come up and touch my stomach when I’m not pregnant.  Friends and family, I’m totally ok with that. Complete strangers, not so much.  At least ask me and let me decide before you just grab me.

Anyway, we walked in and saw the boys. Small world encounter of the day…a girl I went to school with and hung out with when we were both dating guys in the same fraternity was on a date with one of our friend’s friends. It was great to catch up a bit. Totally random.  Finally I collected Josh and we headed home. 

It was a fun and interesting night but midnight is just a bit on the late side for me these days. Sunday I woke up feeling like I had been partaking in the drinking. I swear I have sympathy hangovers for Josh.

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