Building our Nest

It was about the time I finished cleaning out and refolding everything in our linen closet that I realized my “nesting” instinct has kicked in.  All of the sudden I’m feeling the need to clean and organize.  At work on Monday I even found myself thinking about how I could rearrange the cabinets in our kitchen.

The top of my list of things to do is to finish the nursery. My vision is not quite coming to life. This weekend my friend Rache is coming up to play my interior designer and to make cookies and have a girls veg night. Can’t wait! Hopefully she can help me figure out where to hang the pictures, etc.

Once that is done I can move onto the kitchen and every other room of our house. Josh must be starting to nest too because all of the sudden he wants to redo the kitchen…before the baby arrives in about 7 weeks or so. Eek!  I made him promise me he wouldn’t undertake any projects he couldn’t have done before she’s here. I don’t need that mess going on when I get home from the hospital.

Speaking of kitchens, I need ideas for meals that freeze well. I think I’m going to make a few things to freeze so that we have food to eat before my mom, stepdad and siblings come to visit and cook up a storm.  Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Building our Nest

  1. Tell Josh to leave the kitchen alone if it can’t be completed in 30 days. We can help with everything when we get there. We’ll cook with you guys and take you out to eat too. We’ll spoil you sweetie….don’t worry.

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