1st Three Day Week in Months

What a weekend. It’s amazing how fast a three day weekend flies by, especially when it’s the first paid holiday weekend in five months! 

We started the weekend meeting Josh’s family for a Rockies game. I have to say that it was the worst baseball game I’ve ever been to.  The Rockies had a pretty bad showing against the Cardinals. It was so bad we didn’t even take pics.  But baseball games are fun regardless. I was really bad and had a huge thing of nachos, but hey, when at the ballpark.

We hit the Farmers Market for the first time this season on Saturday.  I was impressed by the new layout and all the new vendors. I can’t wait for the summer fruits and veggies to arrive! We picked up a chicken from the farm we do a co-op with, some blue corn tortillas and some delicious jalapeno cheddar brats. Mmmm.

Before I knew it Josh was off to go camping with his dad, brother-in-law Adam and nephew Luke

and I was cleaning like a madwoman before Rache came up for the evening.  Once Rache got here we assessed the nursery decor situation and headed off to Target. I have to say that I had some pretty good self control. We got out of there with only what I went for, a bookcase and a lamp.  We made a quick stop at Marshalls and found a cute mirror too!

After a slight mistake setting up the bookcase, we got it all taken care of, filled with the books from my San Diego baby shower and a couple of her little toys.  We got the mirror hung and decided where we wanted the pics from Pottery Barn. With all this decorating we decided we definitely needed to make some cookies. We made some delicious Oatmeal Peanut Butter chocolate chunk, white chocolate chip and peanut butter chip cookies and watched a couple of movies.

The next morning after Josh came home and washed off the camp fire stink, we headed to Denver to hang with his family. We spent the day going through mounds of hand me down baby girl clothes my sister-in-law Shana had, relaxing outside as the kiddos played with a slip and slide, enjoying a BBQ and talking about the farm we all just purchased.  Did I mention that my sister-in-law Amber is due the same day as me with her third daughter? We had to take belly pic of the two of us.

Note to self, where darker colors.

Today after breakfast with the whole crew, we made a quick trip to the Outlets and headed home. Josh hung up the pictures in the nursery. It’s almost done! We just need the curtain rod to arrive so that we can hung up the curtains and I need to finish her E to go over her bed. Once it’s all done I’ll put up some pics.

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you had a great weekend!

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