Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s official, I’m in my late twenties. Today I turn 27. For some reason 27 sounds so much older to me than 26, who knows why. The past year has flown by! My 26th year was another pretty great year.  I mean I got to go to London, Paris (geez I’m still missing a post or four about that amazing city!) and Mexico. I got a promotion and a raise at work. I had some great times with friends and family. I set a few new running PRs and of course, I found out we were expecting our first little one.

The year also had some sadness with the loss of my Grandpa Sutton and my Grandpa Abariotes. I know that they are both in a better place now.

I’m excited for what the next year brings. My 27th year is probably going to be the hardest, yet most rewarding I’ve ever had once our little ones arrives. I’m excited and nervous for the new challenge of parenthood.

First tough decision of my 27th year, do I want Indian food or a steak with key lime cheesecake for dinner….toughie

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