I feel naked

Another day with a high in the 90s meant swelling is probably inevitable. After a slight panic yesterday when I swore my rings were going to have to be cut off in order to save my finger, I decided on the super hot days, my rings will not be on my finger. 

I keep looking down and having momentary panic attacks before I remind myself that they are in a safe place waiting for my finger to return to normal size.  Then I notice the lovely bug bite I got on Lucky and I’s walk last night.  Hey at least my nails are looking fairly decent though they could use some polish.

It seems that I only have the swelling issue when it’s hot and I’m hot. No difference from before pregnancy, other than they swell a little bit more. Instead of carrots they look more like sausages. Gross.

It’s time for them to have a nice cleaning and polishing anyway.  I really hope this crazy early June heat isn’t an indication of what it’s going to be like all summer…eek.

One thought on “I feel naked

  1. I will take you for a mani/pedi when I come to visit sweetie. Hang in there….the day is drawing near. I love you!

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