37 Weeks…Full Term!

Now that we’re officially full term…heck yeah!, we’re taking weekly pictures. So I thought I’d do weekly updates too since we have zero idea of how much longer I’ll be pregnant. It will be just my luck that she follows in my footsteps and is late. Please Peanut, don’t do that to mommy in the hot July sun.

Weight Gain to Date:  Wait for it… 30 lbs. Yep I hit that big mark and you know what, I’m ok with it.  Today is a good day.  I feel good and even pretty. 🙂

Belly Button in or out: It’s pretty much an outie at this point.  You can definitely see if through most of my clothes these days. My turkey timer has popped. She must be ready!

Baby Size:  The midwife estimated that she is currently a little under 6 lbs. If she puts on half an pound every week for the next three that means she’d be about 7ish lbs at birth.

New Developments:  At this stage there are not a lot of new developmental milestones happening. Peanut is practicing all of the skills she’ll use outside the womb like blinking, swallowing, gripping, etc.  She’s also still putting on some more fat to keep her warm once she emerges from my nice warm belly.

Cravings:  Yogurt, Greek or frozen.  I’ve had my Voskos every day this week.  I’ve been very good at resisting hitting Menchies by my office and the McDonald’s drive through for one of their cones.

Food aversions: No changes here. 

Feeling: Pretty good. I’ve gotten in two good workouts this week which have made me feel like a new woman.  It’s a confidence booster to walk in to the gym in my hugely pregnant state and have a great workout. 

I do have to say that my joints have been hurting, not severly but I can feel them. My knees, hips, fingers, even my toes which is odd. Must be all that relaxin my body is producing to get me ready for delivery.

Sleep: I’m not entirely sure that I slept at all last night, but at least I did get in about an hour long nap yesterday afternoon. This weekend I’m going to try to take it easy and get some quality sleep even if it’s only during the day. 

Movement: I think we’ve got a dropper. Now she’s still pretty high, but I am feeling her move really low these days. I’m also starting to feel more pelvic pressure.

Maternity Clothes: Something exciting happened this week. Some of the dresses that were too tight just under my chest are starting to fit again! Woohoo.  I think this is because Peanut is moving down a bit making it a bit narrower again.

What I love about pregnancy:  People telling me I look great. I mean who doesn’t want to hear that when they are 9 months pregnant, weight more than they ever have and have 39.25 inch waist?  Not to mention the waddle I’m starting to get. 

What I’m looking forward to: Holding our baby girl. I’m so ready to meet our sweet baby, well hopefully she’s sweet.  I’ve been having lots of dreams of the moment I see her for the first time. I cannot believe the time is so close.

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