Post Baby Body Moving

We’re getting close, like so close to having our baby here I can almost hear her crying. Now my mind is filled with what life will be like after baby and how in the world I’m going to get my body as close to its pre-baby state as possible. I know that there is a recovery time typically of 6 weeks or so but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to have a plan for after that.  There are about a million and one books, online articles, DVDs, etc. that promise to get you back into shape after having a baby. So many in fact that I was totally overwhelmed as I Googled away.

As I thought about my life as it is today, going to the gym for an hour, even two is no problem. I have the freedom to just up and go whenever I want worrying about nothing other than making sure the house is locked and Lucky has been fed. This is about the change drastically. Gone will be the nights that neither one of us makes it home before 9 pm or while Josh is off golfing I hit the gym for a while and vice versa. As I think more and more about our schedules, I keep coming to the same conclusion, after a long day at work, the last thing I’m going to want to do is waste the few hours a day I’ll have with our precious baby leaving her to workout. This means I need some at home or with baby fitness activities.

Here are some thoughts:

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Love this DVD. When I was doing it and running I looked pretty darn awesome. Plus if I just do one level a day it’s only 20 mins. I can do that when the baby is sleeping or Josh is having some daddy daughter time.

Running: Duh! There is no way I could skip this. Immediately following birth this will be walking with a gradual increase in speed to some running. Plus, it’s not recommended that you run with a baby in a stroller until they’re 6 weeks old. No problem. Short runs during the week and longer runs on the weekend.  Plus, we’re seriously considering buying a dreadmill which would be awesome.  Then I could have Peanut in her swing right there next to me.

Though I’d love to jump into a marathon, for my own sake and sanity, I’m going to hold off. I do want to at least hit the half distance before the end of the year, even if it’s not in an official race. 

Insanity: Has anyone tried this? I’m really interested in it. Plus it’s another in home activity I can do. Score.

Any other suggestions?

I’m thinking we may need to join a gym that offers classes. That way maybe on the weekend I can do a fitness class and not feel so guilty about leaving the baby since she could be with her dad. I’m not hot on gym daycares…they kind of gross me out. Maybe that will change once I’m in mommy-mode.

4 thoughts on “Post Baby Body Moving

  1. I had been tossing around P90X with the husband but checked out Insanity after you mentioned it. I like that it’s not as much of a time commitment as P90X. I know some people like Turbo Fire, too.

  2. So I have a couple comments…I LOVE 30 day shred too, although recently I started doing Ripped in 30..which I think is even better. It is slightly longer than shred (34 mins with warm up and cool down). Level 1 is a decent workout (probably a step above shred level 3) but certainly doable and drastically increases endurance (as well as ab muscles). My other comment is about insanity. Beachbody recommends Insanity as a follow up to P90X…which is anywhere between 1-1.5 hours 6 days a week. I love P90X, but when I did it my daughter was 2 and I could only do it for a month just because of the time commitment. Tony Horton also has a 10 min DVD system that is really good as well. Even if you do just 10 mins it is still a pretty intense workout, and if you want more obviously you can stack your workouts.

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