38 Weeks

I had an encouraging appointment with the midwife today. Peanut is in a great position, I’m measuring perfectly and she said that she thinks I’ll deliver before my due date! Of course I know not to count on that but here’s her reasoning, (TMI) lost my mucus plug, Peanut is moving down, and I’m having nearly constant cramping.  They didn’t do a cervical exam because that’s just not how they do things, but I’ll most likely be checked next week.

Weight Gain to Date:  32 lbs.  So this week’s two pound gain is totally my fault. I ate like crap last weekend.  I am noticing that I’m starting to retain a bit of water.  I’m not surprised considering it’s nearly 100 degrees outside…yuck.  Still under the 35 lb mark so I’m happy about that.

Belly Button in or out: Outie, like for real an outie.  It’s not just the top anymore.  Man I hope it goes back to normal.

Baby Size:  About 6 lbs or so.  I wonder if she’s going to be long a skinny like I was. Hopefully she’ll be much more attractive. Eek.

New Developments:  Nothing new except that she’s slothing off her vernix caseosa and lanugo.

Cravings:  Fruit. I am so excited its berry season. Oh and beans. I don’t even care what kind. I cooked a whole meal on Monday night that would compliment baked beans because I thought Josh would appreciate more than just corn on the cob and beans for dinner which is all I really wanted.

Food aversions: No changes here. 

Feeling: Awesome. Ok, so as awesome as you can feel 2 weeks from your due date.  My only complaint is my pubic bone hurts.  It feels like someone punched me in the bone and it’s recovering from it.  I’m sure it can’t feel great to have your head stuck in there either.

Sleep: I’m napping when I can. Midwife’s orders.  Nighttime sleep is really hard right now. I’ve so much pressure on my bladder I’m going all the time!  Last weekend I took two awesome naps. This weekend, yeay for a three day weekend, I’m planning on napping some more. After all, this could be one of our last weekend before becoming parents (fingers crossed).  

Movement: Our poor baby is so tight in there she’s not moving nearly as much as she had been. Of course she’s still moving a lot, but they are smaller movements. 

What I love about pregnancy:  The power of my body. It amazes me how my body has changed and adapted to grow our baby. I mean I knew that’s what a body does while pregnant, but I’m just amazed that my body has done it.  If they had to deliver her today, she should be perfectly healthy. That is an amazing thing.   

What I’m looking forward to: Seeing Josh hold his daughter for the first time.  Just thinking about it now made me tear up. I cannot wait to see my Lobster and our daughter together.

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