Due Date

Today is the day I’d we’d been looking forward to for 9+ months. Today is the day that our little Ella was due to meet the world.  When I woke up in the wee hours of this morning for the first of Ella’s feedings, I couldn’t believe that this sweet baby in my arms was already 11 days old.

The past week and a half have been exciting, exhausting and at times a bit overwhelming, but I think we’re doing great! We’ve been out and about, even enjoying dinner out while Ella slept peacefully in her carseat and doing our first public breastfeeding session.  This morning we went for a nice, family 2 mile walk, the longest yet since her arrival.  We’re getting used to this sleepy state of being. I have to say I don’t know how single people do this. Without Josh’s support and his amazing natural daddy instincts, I’d probably be a crazy person.

I’ve had to remind myself on more than one occasion that I did just have a baby and it’s ok to give myself a break.  I’d forgotten more than once that just because my labor and delivery were pretty ideal, doesn’t mean that I am 100%. My body still needs to recover and I need to let it do so. More on recovery to come later, though I must say I’m amazed at how my body is trying to return to its pre-pregnancy state.  I’ve lost a little over 5 inches around my waist (as of a few days ago).  No idea on the weight loss.

Josh and I love Ella more and more each day.  It’s worth the aches, pains, exhaustion and sore nipples. 🙂

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