Return to the Gym

It’s been a month since I walked through the doors of the gym.  Actually 33 days to be exact.  Tonight after Ella’s feeding, I handed her over to Josh and headed out the door.  I walked into the gym and almost felt like it was the first time I’d been there. I was positively giddy to be there.

I haven’t been ok’d for any strenuous exercise yet so I decided to take it easy.  I hopped on the elliptical, cranked the level up to 10 and worked away for a half hour. Note to self, need tighter sports bras.  A few crunches later and I headed home feeling almost like my old self again.

I’d be lying if I said that my post baby body isn’t driving me nuts.  Some days are better than others.  I’m still getting use to my big new assets and trying not to be too hard on myself as I look in the mirror or at pictures and see places on my body that never used to jiggle but do now. 

I know I just had a baby.  Being able to work up a sweat tonight made a world of difference.  Josh and I are hoping to score a treadmill this weekend. I cannot wait!

This face is so worth it.


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