See Moms Run

Today was my mom’s last day in town.  It also marked five weeks since Ella arrived.  I was feeling good this morning and instead of just walking around the neighborhood for a few last minutes of mother-daughter time, we decided to try running.

I was nervous. I mean I haven’t run since I was about 5 months pregnant.  That was 5+ months ago.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to run, if it would hurt, if I’d even enjoy it. 

We walked for about a block before we started to pick up the pace. As soon as my heart started pounding, a smile came across my face.  We took a handful of walk breaks as we covered the three mile loop around my neighborhood.  I left my Garmin at home so I could focus on enjoying my first run in a very long time and running with my mom. 

When we got home, Josh and Ella greeted us. I was so excited.  It was a fantastic way to start my day.  It’s probably going to be a little while before I move past run-walking, but hey a run, even with walking, is a run. 

I am so behind on postings…eek.  I’m going work on catching up this week.

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