All About Miss Ella-Month One

Better late than never. 

My little peanut is growing like a weed!  Shes’s now 20 inches long and weighs just over 7 lbs.

Ella so far, has been a really great baby.  No unnecessary crying, a very good eater and for being a month old, she sleeps fairly well (you know 2.5-4 hours at a time).  We’re getting to know each other more and more every day. 

Here’s what I’ve learned about her in the past month:

She loves being held.  She doesn’t care who is holding her, just as long as someone is.

Though she did not enjoy her first bath….

she now LOVES hanging in the warm water. So much so I think she’d sleep there if we let her.

Her favorite activities include eating, eating, Foxtrotting with her daddy, long walks in the warm afternoon sun in her fancy stroller

and napping on me and daddy.

Dislikes include, being dressed and undressed, having gas, being put in her carseat and those pesky things that keep hitting her in the face when she’s not swaddled.

So far we’ve determined that she’s a pretty good mix of me and Josh.  She has my hands, tiny little nailbeds included, my feet and my lips.  After looking at Josh’s baby pictures we decided that she has his nose and I think his eyes.  Her cute little elf ears are mystery so far.  She’s grown beautiful long eyelashes and gives us a preview of her adorable little smile when she is falling asleep.

It seems like she’s changing every day.  I’m excited to see what color eyes she’ll have, I’m guessing brown, and if she’ll have Josh’s formerly curly hair.

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