Our First Date (post baby of course)

Josh and I we treated to our first date night while my mom was in town.  Last week Josh and I ventured out leaving Ella behind. 

After making sure everyone knew how to heat the breastmilk I was leaving behind and what jammies she should wear, etc…you know all these things that they knew but I had to go over again, we left for dinner at Twin Owls Steakhouse.

We were seated and got a glass on wine.  I love wine but I’ve been so cautious about drinking even though I’ve been assured that one glass of wine will not harm Ella in any way.  Anyway, our appetizer arrived and as we were enjoying it, Josh noticed a dead fly on our plate.  We were totally grossed out.  After debating whether or not to leave, we decided to stay but then checked out food carefully from then on.

After dinner we decided to go to The Stanley for drinks. 

I had already had my one drink alottment but enjoyed a hot chocolate while Josh sipped his gin and tonic. 

When we got home, Ella was sleeping like a little angel.  Date night success!  It will probably be a while before we have another one since I’m not at all ready to leave her with a stranger, but at least we got one in.

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