Cowboys and Cyclists

We have a had fun weekend.  It started off with Josh’s company annual picnic and brewfest.  It was a Wild West theme complete with line dancing, bull riding, fake cattle wrangling and gold panning.  It was also Ella’s big debut to all of Josh’s coworkers who worked at the other location. 

We mingled with some coworkers, enjoyed some food, beer tasting and of course became outlaws.

Saturday Ella and I joined my friend Claire for a wonderful, but HOT four mile walk.  We spent the rest of the day relaxing as Josh became a canning machine trying to make use of all of the tomatoes ripening in his garden.

Colorado hosted its first professional cycling event this week.  Sunday was the final stage which started in Golden and finished in Denver.  Our friends Jason and Jennell just moved to Golden this weekend which was very convenient.  We met them as well as Shana and Russell up to watch part of the final stage of the Inaugural Pro Cycling Challenge.  I couldn’t believe how fast they were going. It was fun watching them race by. 

After the race, we enjoyed lunch and toured the new house.  We’re all worn out from the big day in the hot summer sun.

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