A Shot and a Visit

This was our day yesterday:

My poor baby had her first shot at her two month check-up appointment. She was in such a happy mood, smiling and cooing for the doctor until I had to hold her leg straight for the shot.  She turned bright red and started screaming like I’ve never heard. I felt so awful I almost started crying.  She was fine after a few minutes of cuddling.  I’m not looking forward to the next round in two weeks.  We decided to do an alternative vaccine schedule so we’re breaking them up and delaying some.

After the doctor we met Josh at Ella’s new daycare.  We had to pick up some paperwork and went to meet all the teachers while we were there.  They were really nice and were showing us around the room, telling us about how they spend their days and I started tearing up.  It’s not that I’m nervous about her care anymore, she just won’t be with me.  Thank goodness Josh will be taking her to daycare and not me.

We were able to enjoy lunch with a sleeping baby, but as soon as we left, the screaming began.  It pretty much continued all afternoon.  My baby was just grouchy. Her poor little leg probably hurt.  If only the high school students I spoke to on Monday had seen that and not just her being sweet.  It probably would have been a better deterrent.

Luckily she was asleep for the night around 8.  For the third night in a row she treated me to 4-4.5 hour stretches of sleep.  I hope (fingers crossed) that this is how she sleeps from here on out.

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