All About Miss Ella-Month Two

Ella is already two months old!  She continues to be the brightest part of my day, even in the middle of the night. 

She’s continuing to climb the growth charts.  She’s now 8lbs 13oz, 20.75 inches long and her head is 14.5 inches.  She’s almost doubled her birth weight.  I bet by her next appointment at four months she’ll be 10 or 11 lbs. 

I’m amazed at how her little face is changing and how everyday it seems like she does something new.  My favorite development this month, smiling! 

I’m having the hardest time capturing it with the camera, but it’s so cute.  I love going to her bassinet when she wakes up because she’ll smile up at me. 

Current likes:

The Itsy-Bitsy Spider.  It doesn’t matter if I use my fingers or hers, she loves it! 

Baths, still digs them and loves her time with daddy.  She loves the water so much that during her baptism she stuck her hand up towards the water as they poured it on her head.  She was loving it.  The Deacon commented that being Catholic agrees with her. 🙂

Tummy time and hanging out on her activity mat.  She’s totally fascinated with the elephant and giraffe that dangling from it. 

This morning she even rolled over from front to back. Josh and I were so excited.

Her swing.  She’s finally digging the Mamaroo. 

Cooing. Sometimes it seems like she’s actually trying to carry on a conversation with us.


Being swaddled with her arms down.  She wants them free so she can hold them over her head when she sleeps.  It’s like she’s surrendering to the boogeyman.

Wet diapers.  She wants to be changed immediately and sometimes seems to wait to poop until she has a dry diaper. 


She’s a really happy little girl.  I’m so excited for her to start giggling.

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