First Real Day by Number

Today is what I’m considering my real first day at work since Ella had to go to daycare and everyone was back in the office which means I was busy catching up.

Here’s the lowdown:

Number of bottles packed for Ella: 4

Number of packages of frozen breastmilk sent: 4-just in case she’s really hungry some day

Number of times I said goodbye: 3

Number of kisses given to my Peanut before I finally left: about a million

Number of minutes spent crying on the way to work: 15

Number of times pictures shown off: 20

Number of times I called daycare: 1  This I’m proud of and I even waited until almost noon!

Number of times I pumped in the family restroom (yeah, it’s interesting): 3

Number of times I looked at the clock: mmmm…at least 100.  The countdown to when I got to leave to go get her began as soon as I walked into the office.

Number of hours Peanut was at daycare: 8

Number of days until we have two uninterrupted days with Ella: 3

Overall it was a success.  I’m feeling pretty good about my decision to go back to work, even though I still have some anxiety.  It’s nice to have regular adult conversations and work to do but I’m really sad that I’m missing this time with Ella.  Luckily my boss is being great about my schedule being flexible. We’ll see how things go. If it’s not going to work for me, Josh and I will figure out an alternative.

I’m so glad that Josh takes her to daycare because I would not have been able to handle it.  I probably would stayed there all morning. Josh said it sucked and was so hard.  When he got to work he was teary.  So much for thinking it wouldn’t be hard for him.  Needless to say she’s being smoothered in cuddles and kisses tonight.

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