Are you ready for some football?

Ella sure was. Even though we were both battling colds, we headed to our first football game of the season.  It was an absolutely beautiful day in Ft. Collins!

Before we got sick, I’d invited my little brother and sister up to the CSU football game on Saturday as a late birthday celebration.  I can’t believe that they’re teenagers!  What’s really crazy is that they are closer in age to Ella than to me.  Boy do I feel old.

Ella slept through most of the game snuggled tightly against Josh in the Baby Bjorn, but made an appearance in the 4th quarter.

Can you believe those cheeks of hers?

She did so great at the game and they won!  Next time she’ll be big enough to rock her CSU outfit!  Unfortunately the game we were planning on going to on October 1st conflicts with my first race.  Still trying to figure out what to do since Josh isn’t ready to take her to a long outting like that without me. 

Next up, maybe her first Husker game if we can get tickets to the one up in Wyoming. I can’t believe it’s already football season, the fall is really here.

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