Postpartum Shape Up Week Three

Last week I fell off the wagon a little bit.

Week Two Wrap-Up:

Total Mileage: 8 miles   Avg. Pace: 10:02 min/miles   

I also rode a stationary bike for 45 minutes and went on one family hike. I skipped one run last week because I was tired. When deciding whether I should stay up and go run or go to bed at 9pm, my pillow won.  My body thanked me. 

I was thinking about repeating the week two schedule since I skipped one run, but eh, it’s not going to make or break me.  Here’s what’s on my radar for the week.

Monday- 2 mile run   Time: 18:45    Avg. Pace- 9:22 min/miles
Tuesday-3.5 mile run
Thursday-3.5 mile run + strength
Saturday- 5 mile run
Sunday- Crosstraining

I’m excited to report the scale is continuing to move in the right direction.

Official weight-135 on the dot. 

Bonus excitement for fitting into some pre-pregnancy shorts again! Yesterday also marked Ella’s 3 month b-day.  I’ll have her update post shortly.

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