All About Miss Ella-Month Three

Ella is a quarter of a year old.

Month One
Month Two

She’s tipping the scales at 10lbs. Since we didn’t have a doctors appointment I had to use the old, step on the scale, then grab naked baby, hope she doesn’t pee or poop on me method. Amazingly after three rounds, she came out to the same weight each time of exactly 10lbs. She’s also grown in length. She’s now 22 inches long.

I’ve officially retired all of her newborn size clothes. They had a nice long run. Yep, she’s moving up to the world of 0-3 month size. It kind of broke my heart to pack them away but I’m happy she’s growing.

Every day I watch her discover the world around her. She has discovered her hands and when they are not in her mouth, she’s holding her hands, grabbing and hitting toys and even our faces.

 She’s looked at her feet a few times,

but isn’t quite sure what to think of them. Her hands are way more interesting at this point.

She definitely recognizes Josh and I now. She seems to even be starting to feel attached to us. On Monday when I picked her up, I went in to say hello and started gathering her things. She followed me around the room and out the door with her eyes. When I left the room the split second it took me to sign us up for Parents Night Out next week (Heck yeah for 2 hours of babysitting for the cost of two bags of Halloween candy), she started crying. As soon as I walked back in she smiled. I’m glad she knows I’m her mommy.

Current likes:

Mouth sounds. She loves when we blow raspberries, roll our tongues and make clicking sounds. She’s even imitated me a few times which is just adorable. She’s so proud of herself when she does it.

Baths with lots of bubbles. Even if she’s wearing her cranky pants, as soon as we put her in the water, she’s a happy camper.

Reading books. We signed her up for this Imagination Library program which sends her a new book every month for the next 5 years. We just got The Little Engine That Could.

Cooing and smiling.

 When she gets really excited this is what happens:

Ah, she’s so freaking cute I can hardly stand it. I mean check out those lashes:

Apparently others can’t either. I have yet to be out with her anywhere without complete strangers stopped me. Strangest encounter yet, some woman told me I better watch her closely so no one snatches her. Great, thanks, now I’m all freaked out about kidnappers.

Anyway, likes continued…

The tree in our living room and tall people. Smiles and coos away at them.

Sitting at the table with us while we eat dinner.

Pretty soon I bet she’ll be grabbing stuff right off our plates.

Chewing on her thumb and hand.

Josh is trying so hard to prevent thumb sucking, but she’s pretty persistent.

Raffi. Oh man, she LOVES Raffi. She takes after her mommy and Uncle Tom with this one. We also loved him when we were kids.


There don’t seem to be too many things that Ella doesn’t enjoy these days. Here are the only ones I could think of.

The snot sucker…as soon as she sees it she starts to squirm in an effort to avoid it.

The sun in her face. She likes to be outside, but is none too happy when the sun is in her eyes.

She is still the happiest baby and super easy going. She’s continuing to sleep like an angel which means I am finally getting some much needed sleep. I don’t know how Josh and I got so lucky, but we just have an amazing baby.

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