Anniversary Take Three

Happy Anniversary to my lobster Josh! Today we celebrate three years of marriage. Time has certainly flown by.  Seems like just yesterday I was getting my hair done and putting on my dress. 

We celebrated on Saturday with a lovely dinner.

We hired our first babysitter! She came highly recommended by one of the mom’s from my mommy group which made me feel good. I was actually surprisingly relaxed about leaving Ella with the sitter. I think Michelle’s glowing recommendation and being used to her being at daycare helped.

Josh and I dined at The Greenbriar Inn in Boulder.  Of course for the occasion we had to have a bottle of wine.

It was really good! It wasn’t until we got the bill I realized it was $65. Good thing we enjoyed it.

Dinner was also great. It started with a freshly table side prepared Caesar salad.

May have been the best I’ve ever had.

I had no idea that when the steak I ordered noted it came with a side of bone marrow it would look like this:

I couldn’t eat it. Lucky got a really nice treat. After the salty I wanted some sweet…

mmm rhubarb tart.

It was so nice having some adult time and of course a fabulous meal. When we got home Ella was sleeping and continued to sleep until 7:00 the next morning. So thoughtful of her.

Tonight is going to be low key but we will continuing our tradition of dancing to our song At Last.

I love you Josh with all my heart! Thank you for being an amazing husband and father.

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