The Treadmill’s Out to Get Me

I thought I was a little bit crazy, but as it turns out the treadmill really was trying to kill me making me run faster than it indicated.  For the past several weeks I’ve been struggling on the treadmill. I have been looking down at it telling me I’m running a 9:30-10 min/mile and I can’t figure out why it’s feeling difficult.  After Josh did his first run on it he too agreed that it has to be moving faster.

The test…

Yep, we put Josh’s bicycle on the treadmill, cranked it up and watched his cycling computer calculate the speed.  Turns out the 10 min/mile is actually a 9:40 min/mile.  See I was doing speedwork and didn’t even know it.

Now I’m all throw off. How far and fast have I actually been running?  Nominal difference I’m sure and I’m far to lazy busy to try to figure it out.

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