Postpartum Shape Up Week Four

Week Three Wrap-Up:

Total Mileage: 13.20   Avg. Pace: 9:32 min/miles

Once again I rode a stationary bike for what felt like an eternity.  Can they not make a more comfortable seat? I mean really.  The worst part of the ride is getting off. Ouch.

My ‘long’ run of the week last week was pushed until Sunday and it pretty much rocked.  Avg pace was like 9:35 min/miles for 5 miles. Go me!  Anyway it was pushed back because Josh needed to get his long run in.  Yes, my lobster has signed up for his first half marathon!  He’s doing Heart of the Rockies which I did last year just a few days after finding out I was pregnant!  Ella and I are excited to cheer him on.

Anyway back to me. This is what I have planned for the week.

Monday-3.5 mile run but I fell asleep at 7:30 instead…oops
Tuesday-3.1 miles  29:40  Avg. Pace: 9:34 min/miles
Thursday-3.5 mile run
Friday-2 mile run
Saturday-5 mile run

I was really nervous to get on the scale this week. I was naughty this weekend. Those damn cookies and delicious anniversary dinner.

First weight- 135 again, but then I realized I should probably go pump before I exploded.  Once that was done my official weight for the week is 134.4.

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