Honk for Fall Runs

What is it that men think is going to happen when they honk at women? Has anyone actually successfully picked someone up that way? I mean really, it’s just irritating.

When it happened not once, not twice, but three times while I was running this morning I figured that they must be honking because they love the beautiful fall weather we were having.  Insert eye roll here.

I didn’t have my fastest run ever, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The was about 55 degrees when I headed out the door. With the beautiful fall colors and a nice breeze, I did my long run for the week of 5 miles.

Time: 49:10  Avg. Pace: 9:50 min/miles

I took it nice and easy. By the time I got home, Josh had Ella down for a quick nap. I had just enough time to shower before she woke up. My lovely run was followed by high tea at my friend from prenatal yoga’s baby shower.  Ella was a little bit of a show stealer and definitely a ham.

Tomorrow we’re heading to the pumpkin patch. Super excited for that!

What makes a run an especially good one?

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