Postpartum Shape Up Week Five

Once again I am totally behind on this update. This has been a crazy week so far!

Week Four Wrap-Up:

Total Mileage: 11.20   Avg. Pace: 9:35 ish min/miles

An old pain hit me again this week. That familiar knee pain. Ugh. I’m hoping its just because I was running multiple days in a row. Duh, Jess, you know better than that. I think I’m going to just do three runs a week for a while until it’s used to this motion again.

On a happier note, I’m starting to feel less and less like I’m going to keel over at the end of runs. I’m even looking forward to my longer weekend runs.

This is what I’m going to try to do this week:

Monday-35 mins on Elliptical-DONE
Tuesday-3.0 miles 10 min/mile pace (nice and easy)-DONE
Thursday-3-4 mile run
Saturday-6 mile run

This weekend will be interesting because I’m on my own with Miss Ella. We may give the gym daycare a go.

The scale did not move in my favor this week and I’m not surprised. We went out to eat three times…eek. Current weight: 134.8. Yes it’s only .8 lbs that I gained back but boo. 

I was able to fit into several pre-pregnancy dresses this weekend! Only problem now, my new assets are a little bit much in a few of them. It’s all about achieving the small goals right?

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