All About Miss Ella – Month Four

My baby girl is now 11lbs and 22.25 inches long (as of her check up last week)!

She’s steadily following her own growth curve and is in the 10th percentile for everything but her head, which is somewhere between the 15th and 25th percentile. Must be that big brain of hers. At her check-up she was hamming it up with our pediatrician and the nurse. She was smiling, cooing and squealing.

She sure knows how to win people over.

Other than a bought of sleep regression this past week, she’s still a really well behaved baby. I’m hoping that this regression is just a blimp her awesome sleep habits. Maybe it’s a preview of teething? Eek.

New skills this month include holding herself up at a 90 degree angle when she’s on her belly,

rolling from belly to back (purposefully), grabbing objects she wants, and grabbing her feet.

This month she also had some fun firsts.

1st trip to the pumpkin patch:

1st Costume(s):

1st Snow:

Current likes:

Screeching and squealing.

She LOVES the sound of her voice and is experimenting how loud she can be.

Bouncy chairs.

Sitting up. She’s not sitting by herself yet but when she’s laying our laps or hanging in her bouncy seat, she keeps trying to get herself into a sitting position. If we give her our fingers, she’ll tighten her arms so we can pull her up.

Being airborne. We fly her like superman and being tossed gently in the air.

Looking in the mirror. She isn’t sure how it works, but she’ll smile and coo at herself.

Sleeping on her side. Especially in mommy and daddy’s bed on the weekends.

We’re testing not swaddling her arms at night to prepare for when she rolls over and we can’t swaddle anymore.


Being in a pumpkin.

Being taken out of bed before her Ella time. Like most of us, Ella likes to have a few minutes to herself after she wakes up in the morning. She lets us know when she’s ready with a squeal of excitement…or maybe it’s a demand for food.

Not being part of the conversation. I swear that she thinks she’s an adult sometimes.

She can be fussy and as soon as you look at her and speak directly to her,

she’ll be all smiles and coos.

Ella’s personality is definitely developing. She’s going to be quiet a social butterfly and flirt.

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