Trotting Eight

As I laid in my bed yesterday morning, looking at my sleeping husband and baby, listening to the wind gust outside, I seriously considered not leave my warm, cozy spot in between the two of them. Luckily that little voice inside my head convinced me to get up and get ready to run the Turkey Trot.

Ella and Josh woke just as I was leaving. On my drive over to the course I was getting blown all over the road. The radio announcer was saying to expect gusts up to 70 mph. Awesome.

I got a great parking spot, picked up my bib, grabbed some water and decided to head out on my warm up miles. My plan was to run 8 miles total so I set out to do 1.8 or so. I fought a nasty headwind half of the time. It made me start to dread running another 6 in it. I finished with enough time to run back inside the school and grab some water.

Distance: 1.8 miles  Time: 17:20  Avg. Pace: 9:39 min/miles

This year was the first year the race had chip timing which was nice. I toed the start line next too all sorts of people that looked like they were taking the race very seriously. These serious runners were great wind blockers. Being mixed up with these serious runners is probably why I took off way too fast.

By the middle of the first mile I settled into a more comfortable pace and the wind started dying down. I was feeling fairly decent and continuing to do my 10:1 run/walk intervals. This poor guy, named Tom, kept feeling like I was stalking him. I’d pass him, then take my walk break, run next to him and then pass him, take a walk break and he’d be next to me again.

I saw Josh around mile 4 or so. Unfortunately he was dealing with Ella and Lucky at the same time and wasn’t able to snap, what I’m sure would have been, the best photo ever. Maybe next time. This is also when I started to get tired and hot. By mile 5 (my mile 7) I was reaching for those walk breaks. I was wishing I’d remembered to pick up some ShotBloks or at least some Starbursts to give me a little jolt of energy.

I finally reach the 6th mile and turned the corner towards the finish line. I knew I wasn’t going to beat last years time, but I was just excited that I was close to finishing. I got a little confused at the finish line because I crossed one blue mat which I thought was the finish, so I slowed down to almost a walk, to see two more straight ahead where the actual finish line was. Doh.

Distance: 6.25 miles  Time: 58:48  Avg. Pace: 9:25 min/miles

I’m definitely glad I did my additional miles before the race because I just don’t think I would have had the motivation to keep going once I crossed the finish line.

Total for the day:

Distance: 8.05 miles   Time: 1:16:08   Avg. Pace: 9:27 min/miles

I’m getting close to the double digits! 

After the race I was enjoying a nice bottle of water when my buddy Tom found me. He wants to run his first marathon in May and eventually wants to do an Ironman. He asked me all sorts of questions about training and recovery. I shared what worked for me and recommended finding a group to train with like TNT. I excused myself and headed home to prepare for our friends to come up for the afternoon.

Today I’m feeling good. My IT band is a bit on the tight side but I’m not really sore. I was going to go hop on a bike at the gym today but it was just not in the cards.

One more Turkey Trot to go on Thanksgiving Day!

Anyone else do a race this weekend?

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