These are my confessions

Kim posted some confessions today and it motivated me to do the same. Here are a few confessions of my own in no particular order:

  • Even though I’m working on the postpartum weight loss (only 1.5 lbs to go as of this morning!!), I eat at least 2-3 bite-size candy bars at the office every day. A girl needs some chocolate in her life.
  • There are days when I don’t eat a single vegetable…oops.
  • I wear my sports bras more than once. That is unless I had a really sweaty run.
  • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it revolves solely around food (and giving thanks of course).
  • I kind of enjoy pumping at work because it’s my own little private escape. I’ve also mastered pumping and sleeping in the recliner.
  • Sometimes before I leave for work, I purposefully wake up Ella so that I we get to see each other before I leave. Sorry Josh!
  • The opportunity for sleep outweighs pretty much everything these days, especially exercise.
  • I’m afraid to run faster at races for fear I’ll get too tired and not be able to finish. (Must work on this.)
  • I LOVE it when people ooh and ahh over Ella. I could listen to people tell me how adorable she is all day.

So there we go. Nothing earth shattering but a little fun for this Thursday. Only one more day to the weekend! Hopefully this cold I’m battling will go away stat.

P.S. I just registered for the Colorado Half Marathon in May! I had it get in before it sold out.

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