I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but it appears that I am part cow. Yes, I am a lactating machine. That’s more than 500 oz (and growing) of frozen milk that was in my freezer last week.

Yesterday I donated 120 oz of liquid gold to Mothers Milk Bank of Colorado. This organization collects and pasteurizes donated breast milk which is then given to babies in the NICU at hospitals around Colorado. They’re currently experiencing a shortage of milk and I knew I could help.

I applied to be a donor a few months ago. I had to do an initial phone screening of about a million questions. Once I passed that screening, I was sent paperwork to complete about my medical history, my pregnancy, labor and delivery, etc. I also had to take a release to our pediatrician to have her sign off that Ella was healthy and growing. Another release went to my midwives to have them sign off I am VD free.

With all of that completed, I went to the lab at the hospital where I delivered Ella, had my blood drawn and delivered my milk to the maternity center for official donation. 

This is the beginning of the season of thanks. I’m thankful that I’m blessed with a healthy baby and a healthy supply of milk.


Donating to premature and sick babies was the least I could do.

They ask for 100 oz of milk over the course of the first year of your baby’s life. Unless I have an unexpected tank in supply, I’ll be making future donations as well.

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