Postpartum Shape Up Week 10

Guess who is full of mucus and didn’t exercise at all last week? This girl. My entire house has been infected by the fall cold. Ella also was lucky enough to get her first ear infection. It’s been awesome.

We did go for a short hike on Sunday where I snapped the next photo for Baby Bjorn’s advertising campaign.

I pouted all the way to the trail, but once we were out there I felt ok.

It got chilly fast which naturally meant warming up with hot chocolate when we got home.

Back to this shape up thing. This week I’m going to try to get back on track even though I’m not feeling 100% yet. If I can get in a few cross-training sessions and a run or two I’ll be happy. My parents have an awesome gym near their house. I’m hoping to use a guest pass.

I’m also supposed to run 9 miles…about that. I’m so close to double digits, my IT band is tightening in anticipation. I think Sunday may be the day I will be able to tackle this or maybe I’ll combine it with the Turkey Trot.  I still haven’t registered because it’s right during eating/nap time for Ella which we’re trying really hard to stick to. I’ll figure it out.

Weight prior to Thanksgiving gluttony: 129.6. Woohoo!

Progress pics to come shortly!

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