Hitting the Road Solo

Today is Thursday, which means I have less than two days until I leave Ella for the first time. Guess who is freaking out?

Instead of thinking about positives like complete, uninterrupted sleep, exercising whenever I want, eating without holding or entertaining a baby, and having lots of adult time, all I can focus on are my worries.

Worries like, is Ella going to be mad at me and/or not going to want to breastfeed anymore? Will Josh be able to get her down to bed without me? How/where do you pump at the airport or on a plane? How am I going to make it 4-5 hours without pumping during our trade show hours or am I going to be able to sneak to a bathroom for a few minutes?

Of course I know that Ella will be fine and it’s going to be great bonding time for her and Josh. It’s going to be much more tramatic for me than it will be for Ella. Maybe since she has little to no sense of time, she’ll not even realize it’s been four days since she’s seen me.

Hopefully once I get to New Orleans I’ll be so busy that time will fly by and before I know it Wednesday will be here and so will Josh and Ella. I’m sure I’ll figure out the pumping situation, any suggestions are welcome! I’ve already found a dry ice company that will pack and ship my milk home for me. I don’t want any of that liquid gold going to waste!

And breathe.

One thought on “Hitting the Road Solo

  1. Actually I was thinking of commenting but you worked both sides of the conversation yourself!
    Anyhow, Josh will do great, Ella will miss her Mom, but will deal with it for the short period of time and then be ecstatic to see you.
    You will be busy and also have some “me” time. Believe it or not those internal batteries need to be recharged from time to time. Love, PM

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