All About Miss Ella – Month 5

The is probably the worst post for me to be writing right now as I sit in the airport waiting to board my flight to New Orleans. These next several days cannot go by fast enough! Anyway, let’s get on with it.

Ella is 5, yes one month away from being half a year old, months old! As of this morning, she is 12lbs 3 oz and 24 inches long. It’s hard to believe that she’s put on almost 7 lbs and grown 5 inches in length since she was born.

This month had a rough patch for my sweet girl. She had her first ear infection and is definitely having some sleep regression issues, which is actually harder on me than it is on her. Even with an ear infection she barely cried and was smiley as ever. She’s also happy as a clam when she wakes up for food at 12:30 and 4 am. I have now mastered sleeping and nursing at the same time.

We celebrated her first major holiday which she’ll enjoy much more next year when she partaking in the feeding frenzy.

She spent her first Thanksgiving with her Grandma and Grandpa Walker, Great Grandma and Grandpa Walker, Great Aunt Kath, Aunt Audrey, Uncle Ted, Uncle Tom and of course Josh and I. We also had a slew of family friends in attendance.

She did great for the most part, but became a little overwhelmed and overstimulated by all the people and noise. She also experienced her first twinge of separation anxiety.

My sister Audrey offered to babysit her so that I could go to a movie with all the grown-ups. She was a champ and hung in there for a little over an hour before she broke down and called me to see what she could do other than feeding, diaper changing, and playing with Ella to make her stop crying. Poor thing was heaving she was crying so hard when I got home, Ella not Audrey, though if I were Audrey I may have been crying as well.  Of course as soon as Ella was in my arms she was fine. Poor baby. Hopefully she won’t do that to Josh this week.


Sitting up. She’s not quite doing it herself yet, but she would rather be sitting up than lying down, unless she’s on her activity mat.

Sucking her middle two fingers on her right left hand.

Gone are the days when her pacifier was the next best thing to mom. She’s all about her fingers now, particularly those of her left hand.

Football. Oh my goodness does this girl love football. Any other time the TV is on, she pays no attention to it whatsoever, but when football is on, she will contort herself into the oddest positions in order to see the screen. Of course she is a big Husker fan.

Mouth sounds. Now she’s trying her best to mimic the sounds that Josh and I make. Most of the time her lips get stuck together but sometimes she successfully blows raspberries.

Cuddling with daddy. There is something special about cuddling with daddy. She loves just lying on his chest.

Being outside. Walking, hiking, etc. She’s all about it.

Looking at herself in the mirror.

Now for the Dislikes:

Biggest one, medicine.  For 10 days we had to fight to get Ella’s antibiotics down. The first few days she would cry and try to spit it out in a way that would get all over my face.  That will teach me to have my face so close to hers when feeding her something she doesn’t like. By the third day she had figured out how to refuse to open her mouth. It was pretty funny and very clever of her.

Tummy time. She is not enjoying tummy time lately for some reason. She’ll hang for like 10 minutes but then get frustrated if she can’t roll herself over fast enough. We can always tell when she’s done with any activity because she’s let out a very loud screech.

There you have it, Ella at 5 months old. I’m continually amazed at how fast Ella is growing and how much personality she now has. These milestones seem to be coming in rapid succession lately. I want to make time sloooooooooooooooow down. It’s just flying by too fast. Before I know it she’ll be running around the house.

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