Postpartum Shape Up Week 12

I totally spaced writing an update last week so we’ll just start with this week. I’m working on getting back on the exercise wagon after I was thrown off by a vicious cold that just would not vacate my chest.

Last week I did one run, yes, just one, of 3 miles. But I also hit the elliptical, packed pallets of food when I volunteered with some colleagues at The Food Bank of the Rockies, laid flooring and setup multiple TV stands, etc. for our trade show booth. My legs are actually sore from all the squatting involved with setting up a trade show booth.

While living the hotel life, I’ve been planning on utilizing the gym in addition to being on my feet on the trade show floor for 5-6 hours every day. But as it turns out I’ve been working and away from my hotel room from 7:00 am-11:00 pm or so. Loooooooooooong days! This morning I’m going to finally check out the gym. Hopefully it rocks my socks off because traveling for work is never friendly to the waistline even when making smart food choices.

Current weight: When I weighed myself on Saturday before I left on this trip I was at 129.2. At least it’s stayed steady even with the pathetic amount of physical activity I’ve been doing recently. 1.2 lbs left to go to reach my goal, but I am so happy that I can officially say I’ve lost all of the baby weight. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

I’m about at where I was before pregnancy weight wise, but my body doesn’t look it. My hips may never go back to where they where, though Josh swears they really aren’t noticeably wider (he’s learned to control his foot and mouth syndrome). My stomach has a little tiny, ‘Ella Was Here’ pooch, and my butt, oh lord help me. Ha. Now that the pounds are gone, it’s time to get my tone on.

I’ve been stalking the rec. center class schedule for months, trying to decide what class(es) I may want to take there on a drop-in basis. My major hurdle has been well, Ella. Not because she’s demanding, but because I get so little time with her during the week, that every minute I can be, I want to be with her (and my Lobster). Now that she seems to be going to bed at 6:00pm on a regular basis, I think I can commit to a class or two a week because the last one is typically at 6:30 or so. Maybe spinning or boot camp. I also need to just suck it up and go on the weekends. Josh and Ella will not miss me (too terribly anyway) during an hour long class.

December is crazy but once the New Year starts, I’m on it. Ugh, but so are all the other New Years Resolutioners. What are your favorite group classes?

2 thoughts on “Postpartum Shape Up Week 12

  1. I started Cross Fit last night and loved it! Excellent cross training in a circuit training format. The weight training, pull-ups etc along with a lean protein and low carb diet would yield excellent results in only 3-4 days week. It is worth a try!

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