Postpartum Shape Up Wrap-Up

Now that I’ve lost the pounds, I think I’m ready to close down this weekly shape-up series. Otherwise it may go on forever. Is it really a postpartum shape up a year later? I think not. Here is the final official postpartum shape up post.

So this is the week I’m supposed to run the half marathon. About that. I still plan on doing it before the new year, but it may take place on New Years Day. I haven’t run more than 4 miles at onces since my 8 miler eons ago. That was a great one though! With the craziness of being sick, work, traveling, there have just not been enough hours in the day. I will run the distance though to complete my goal for the year! It may hurt, but if I run it at sea level in California, it may hurt a little less. 🙂

Last week was nutso. I do have a whole post about New Orleans and another one about lessons learned flying with a baby. Posts to come. By the middle of the week I was able to get in a nice, easy, 3 mile run around the Central Business District of New Orleans. Did you know that the convention center is 0.7 miles long? Crazy right? I also hopped on an elliptical at the hotel gym for about 40 mins one morning. Yes for actual sweat inducing exercise.

Not that taking down a trade show booth and packing pallets is light work. It was exhausting. I think I burned lots of calories doing that, plus being on my feet for at least 5 hours straight a day, plus the walking to and from the convention center, and all around New Orleans. Yes, I may be justifying my two visits to Cafe du Monde.

I was pleasantly surprised when I weighed myself on Sunday evening and found I’d only gained 0.2 lbs. As of yesterday morning my weight was 128.6. So close to my goal. Here’s a little comparison:

Sorry for the horribly lit, awkward bathroom shots. Do I look the same? Not so much. But I think for having a baby five months ago, I look pretty good.

At this point, I think with regular exercise and building my muscles back up, I may actually end up weighing less than I did before I had Ella. I’m going to attribute this to breastfeeding. Of course there is a limit to how thin I want to be and what my body is built for. I’m not a petite person. My bones are not small, nor are they large. I’m just, I suppose, average. I’m not into the sunken cheeks, bones protruding look. Nope, it’s not for me. I just want to be healthy and fit while also being able to indulge when I feel like it. After all, who really wants to ban delicious foods like beignets from their diet? 

Now that I know I’ve lost the baby weight, it’s less about the number on the scale and much more about how my clothes fit (I need to try on those jeans of mine again) and how I feel.

What makes you feel good about your body? How your clothes fit, the number on the scale, how you feel, what you’ve accomplished?

2 thoughts on “Postpartum Shape Up Wrap-Up

  1. Last summer I made the offer to Rachel, Riley and Emma to bet $10 against $100 that I would get down to 225lbs by this Summer. Living with Miss Cross Fit US is the key for me, changed my diet, lots of veggies, salad and better proteins is doing it. I broke 250 this week and I’m determined to lose that “Baby Fat” also. They great thing is that I’m getting more interested in doing things the more I do them! Couch potato breeds more couch potato. So for me it was that two weeks in Estes Park followed by gradual prodding!

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