Well that’s gross

It appears that for the first time we’ve been hit by yuckiness picked up from daycare. Boy are we lucky.

Thursday poor Miss Ella was throwing up. I mean projectile all over her, all over mean, nastiness. I found myself more scared than grossed out because she was refusing to nurse or take a bottle. I thought, I wouldn’t want to eat either. But then she started getting super lethargic, to the point that she was going completely limp while sitting up. That’s where the scary part comes in. Josh and I broke down and pulled out a syringe which we forced into her dry little mouth, squirting Pedialyte and breast milk. We thought we were going to have to rush her to the hospital. Thankfully, by the time we put her to bed she was not nearly as lethargic and the vomiting was done or so I thought.

Wake up Saturday morning. We take Ella to see Santa. She did great even though I’m pretty sure Santa had way too much egg nog. As we were standing in line, Josh went pale and said he was feeling sick. We get home, guess who was sick? Oh yeah. I washed my hands like a mad woman all day, stayed as far away from him as a could with the hope that I’d avoid getting the nasty bug.

Hello 2:00 am. Guess who was preying at the altar of the porcelain god? Yep, you guessed it. There went my big plan for a nice long run in the beautiful 50 degree weather today. I’ve been couch bound all day trying to do my best to stay hydrated. I’m lucky Josh was feeling a lot better, because I haven’t even had the strength to lift Ella. It’s bad, really bad. I feel absolutely awful.

Tomorrow was a planned day off for me. Ella and I are supposed to attend tea at The Brown Palace. We’ll see what happens. For everyone’s sake, I hope no one else gets this!

3 thoughts on “Well that’s gross

  1. I remember those days, it’s the worst when everyone gets hit at the same time, not enough toilets to rest your head, wishing for the end. Your Mom and I wish we were there although it would of been a bit frightening, the blazing white lights in front of the house, the large circular plastic tunnel to your door, us walking around in closed system suits with helmets, but we would of cared for all three of you, (or nuked the house with a small device if we couldn’t stop the spread….. sorry protocol). Papa Mike (CDC Zombie Representative)

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