Exploring NOLA

New Orleans was our first real vacation experience with Ella. Luckily she’s pretty easy going.

Josh is a total champ! He made it down to New Orleans with Ella in tow all by himself. I was still working when they arrived, so they both napped while they waited for me. It seriously felt like taking down and packing up our booth took for-ev-er. Finally we were done and I speed walked back to the hotel where I met Josh and Ella in the lobby where Josh was enjoying a well deserved beer. I was so excited that I almost cried.

We were able to almost make it through dinner before Ella had an overtired meltdown. We got back to the hotel and she would not nurse. That of course made me cry. She was crying, I was crying. I’m sure Josh was saying oh shit in his head. Finally I broke down gave her a few ounces from a bottle and she was out cold until 5 am the next morning, at which time she nursed! Phew.

Our first day we checked into our steal of a deal hotel. I got a deal off Travel Zoo for a room in the Garden District for $39/night. Amazing! Best deal I’ve ever gotten. Once we checked in, we made our way to the National World War II Museum. When we got there a retirement ceremony was going on in the lobby. It was pretty interesting to watch.

Ella hung in there for about 2 hours before she had enough. Time to head to the hotel for a much needed nap.

That evening we took our first trek into the French Quarter. We tried to find Mother’s Restaurant, but mayhem was controlling our GPS. We got so irritated we just parked and headed from something to eat in the Quarter. We casually strolled down Bourbon on our way to Stanley. It was only 6 pm, but we were getting crazy looks for having a child in the area. I mean I know Bourbon is you know, gross and for debauchery, but it was barely even dark.

I was so ready for a beer when we finally arrived for dinner.

After dinner Ella got kicked out of her first bar, which she was really only in the door when we stopped briefly to hear the jazz. Now we’re not those people that take their baby to bars. That’s just nuts.

I had been telling Josh that there is better way to start a new day in NOLA than beignets at Café du Monde. So we got on the street car and were on our way to the French Quarter.

Was strolled around the French Quarter to work off the beignets.

Once we worked up our appetite again, we walked to Mother’s Restaurant.

They were right, the ham there was amazing.

Our final day we had planned on exploring the Garden District then heading to a plantation, but we got caught up in the Garden District and never made the plantation. That was ok with us, we had a great time strolling around through Lafayette Cemetary #1 and looking at the amazing houses.

That night we drove over to the Bywater area of town and had the best BBQ we’d ever had. The place didn’t look like much, but you can’t judge a book by its cover right?

It was amazing! If you’re ever town, you have to go to The Joint.

I’m not sure if you noticed a trend here, but the majority of our weekend revolved around food. We had the most delicious food. Every meal we had was amazing. It’s a good thing we did so much walking.

I had to say, I was pleasantly surprised by New Orleans and especially the friendly people.  Everyone had me convinced it was going to be so gross, dirty and wrought by crime, my expectations were pretty low. Of course, visiting with a baby is not ideal. The only two places I found changing tables were the WWII Museum and the airport. I’m glad we got to spend a weekend down there exploring.

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