It’s in the jeans

My butt that is. Yes, I’m finally back in my favorite jeans!

There isn’t really anything special about this particular pair. They aren’t the perfect slimming color, don’t make my butt look bootilicious or my legs look a mile long. I think they’re my favorite because I bought them when I lost my college poundage. Yes, they are still going strong 5 years and one baby later.

Is it wrong that I’m more excited about this than losing all the baby weight (and then some thanks to the flu)?

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans? Why are they your favorite?

3 thoughts on “It’s in the jeans

  1. Congratulations!!! You are looking good momma.

    My fave jeans are a skinny pair from Old Navy. I never thought I could wear a skinny cut and was so excited when I fit into a pair. The jeans were/are my bench mark for my post-baby bod. All of the weight hasn’t disappeared but they do fit!

  2. Look at that happy face. 🙂 I have my favorite jeans on right now… Its so hard to find jeans when you don’t have a butt… these are the only ones that make it look good.

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