Maple makes it better

Do you know what makes a plain old cinnamon roll irresistable? Maple frosting. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I have zero willpower when maple frosting is invovled. Cover a piece of cardboard in it and I’d probably eat it.

Yesterday afternoon when I got home I noticed Josh was kind enough to leave the last maple frosted cinnamon roll that my friend Rache made us. I walked by it on my way to unload my milk into the fridge. Magically a fork appeared in my hand. Funny how that happens.

First Bite: I had a great 3 mile run today. I can have just a bite.

Second Bite: Ok, I ate healthy all day, green monster, salad, yogurt, I can have one more bite.

Third Bite: We’re having homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner. It’s low fat and low calorie, I can have just one more bite.

Fourth Bite: Ok, if I just finish it off then it won’t be here tomorrow tempting me.

I polished it off one bite at a time. It was delicious and worth negating the calories I had burned on my awesome 3 mile run. For about 5 seconds I contimplated running a few more miles on the treadmill at home. Then thought one cinnamon roll won’t hurt me and I’d rather have tummy time with Ella.

Speaking of running, I officially need to get back on track. In 14 weeks I have my first half marathon of the season!

One thought on “Maple makes it better

  1. Yep, you and Maple. I saw your whole face smile every time you devoured a Date stuffed with goat Cheese, wrapped with Maple Bacon!!!

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