Platte River Half Training Plan

I failed to reach my goal of running the half distance before the end of 2011. I can give all sorts of excuses from traveling to illness, but bottom line, I just didn’t get it done. New year, new opportunity. In just over 14 weeks, I have my first race of the New Year.

I’m registered for the Platte River Half Marathon. I’ve heard that it’s a fun race and I’m really excited about it. I have two goals for this race:

  1. Finish without feeling like I’m dying.
  2. Run a sub-2 hour half

My last half marathon I was so close to my sub-2 hour goal. I failed to train for that race, so I figure maybe if I train for this one, I can do it. My schedule is crazy and all over the place. So I decided that instead of trying to fit in 5 runs a week, I’d use Runner World’s Less is More Plan which requires only 3 runs per week. Their plan is 10 weeks but I added one additional week just for fun.

Here it is:

As you can see, it’s the quality of the runs, not the quantity that matter. To figure out my paces for these different runs I used the handy McMillan Pace Calculator.

This is what it told me I need to do to reach my goal:

Long Run Pace: 10:05 to 11:05 min/miles
Tempo Run Pace: 8:43 to 9:05 min/miles
400m Speed Intervals: 1:50.8 to 1:55.6 min
800m Speed Intervals: 3:46.1 to 3:56.5 min
1600m Speed Intervals: 8:04.1 to 8:22.7 min

This should be interesting. I’m not starting the training for a few weeks to allow me time to just get back into the routine of running regularly. I’ve been so sporadic lately. I have had two great 3 mile runs so far this week. Hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Are you training for your first event of the year?

Ella six month (holy cow) update on the way!

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