All About Miss Ella – Month Six

Ella is 6 months old! I say this every month, but I cannot believe that it’s been half a year since she was born. Now I know why people always told me that if I thought time moved fast, I should wait until I have kids to see how fast it really goes.

Ella is 13lbs 13oz and 24.5 inches long. She looks so big to us. She’s still wearing 0-3 month size in most things, but we’re beginning to try out a few 3-6 month size. Most are still gigantic on her. Her hair is really coming in. In some places it’s a few inches long already.

This month Ella had more exciting firsts. She had her first and second vacations to New Orleans and California. She’s a great little flyer and is going to be a jetsetter just like mom and dad.

She celebrated her first Christmas.

It was so much fun watching her take in the whole experience. I’m pretty sure I was way more excited about Christmas morning than she was.

She partied for her first New Years Eve and got to meet her cousin Bryan.

She went for her first ride in a real swing and went down a slide for the first time.

She wasn’t quite sure what to think of either one of them.

She went in the pool for the first time and loved it. I think swimming lessons are in our future.

This month Ella also hit some fun milestones.

As of Christmas Eve, she can sit up all by herself! She still topples over after a few minutes from time to time, but she’s getting stronger every day.  

She has become very observant. She follows people around the room and strains her neck to see what Lucky is doing. She’s totally fascinated by the dog and loves to touch him.

She’s babbling in a more coherent way. She often says mama and baba but of course she doesn’t realize quite yet that I’m called mama. It’s fun to hear her say it though.

We haven’t started solids just yet, but she’s ready. She watches us eat intently and even mimics our chewing. I’ve given her one of her little spoons to hold and she puts it right in her mouth just the right way. We’re thinking we’ll introduce her to avocado this weekend.

We also made the transition to sleeping in her room. This was harder for me than for her. She seems to really like her crib, phew. She’s sleeping better and so am I.

Current Likes:

Her feet. Loves her feet. She’s even gotten her toes in her mouth a few times.

Eating. What can I say, my baby loves breastfeeding, thank goodness. I’m going to be sad when she weans. She gets so anxious when I’m getting ready that she’ll reach up and grab my boob and try to pull herself up to it. She’s like the hulk.

Sofie the Giraffe. So it may be an overpriced chew toy, but she loves it. She’s strong enough now to make it squeak.

Exersaucer. Santa did a good job.

Being talked to. She always wants to be part of the conversation.

The outdoors. She loves being outside. When we were hiking in California, she was babbling and smiling the whole time.

Current Dislikes:

Bedtime. This has become quite the battle. Vacation threw her schedule off and now it’s a fight. Her 6:00pm bedtime is now moving more towards 8:30pm. Hopefully we will get her back to normal. I do have to say, once she’s down, she’s sleeping like a champ again. She may wake up at 2 am or so for a 15 min feed, then goes back to bed until almost 7 am.

Hooter Hider. Nursing in public is becoming difficult because Ella hates the Hooter Hider. Now that she has figured out how to get it out of the way, she often pushes it off, because of course everyone wants to see mom’s boobs as much as she does.

Diaper changes. She rolls and squirms every time.

Ella’s personality is shining through more and more every day. Her facial expressions crack me up and the sound of her laughter is the best thing I’ve ever heard. She’s a bit stingy with it, but when she has those belly laughs, it’s amazing.  

The past six months have hands down been the most difficult, exhausting, educational and joyful of my life. I can’t imagine our lives without Ella.

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