When did I buy this?

Do you ever open your closet or dresser and say, ugh I have nothing to wear? That is me pretty much every day. It’s that phrase which is typically followed by, geez, I think I bought this in high school. Yes I still have clothes that I bought when I was in high school, working at Gap, almost 10 years ago. Eek.

I am in serious need of want an adult wardrobe. I look at the clothes that I have purchased in recent years and 90% of it is from Old Navy or Target. There is nothing wrong with that necessarily, because I love those stores, but the quality isn’t great and it’s starting to look dingy. The thing about this is I have a guilt problem.

I feel guilty spending a lot of money on myself for something that I want but don’t really need. For example, I don’t get my hair done, I don’t get my nails done, I don’t even buy expensive make-up. I look at the price tags attached to those things and automatically think, wow, that is a week of groceries or a tank of gas. I’m pretty sure it comes from growing up poor. I tell Josh he lucked out with me because I’m a low maintenance wife.

Do I really NEED a whole new wardrobe, eh probably not. Do I really WANT one, yes. I’d like to look like a put together adult, you know now that I’m nearing my 28th birthday. I said while I was pregnant that once I lost all my baby weight I was going to get a new wardrobe. That is done so now it’s time. For once I’m going to try to push those feelings of guilt aside and just do something that is selfish, just for me.

Applications for a personal stylist are now welcomes. 🙂

What are your favorite stores? Must have pieces?

4 thoughts on “When did I buy this?

  1. Go to the outlet stores: White House/Black Market, Anne Taylor or Anne Taylor Loft and Max Studio(great layering tops and cute knit dresses). Calvin Klein dresses fit beautifully and are often found at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. Get skirts in black, navy and tan and multiple blouses. Nobody will know you are wearing the same skirt when you wear mix and match tops.
    Allow yourself to spend at least $500.00. Get a good pair of black boots (you can wear them with all your skirts and dresses) and a good pair of brown boots too. A good sturdy platform black pump. DSW warehouse has a great shoe selection. some good tights too. Fun printed tights are cute with black skirts and dresses and boots. Little things change the whole look of an outfit and are affordable.
    At this point it is a need and not a want Jessica. You are presenting yourself as a professional adult and you should look the part. It is okay. You do not have to justify it to anyone. Consider it a “uniform” for work. And, while you are at it, allow yourself to get your nails done once in awhile and go to the hair salon.

    I love you and think you are beautiful just as you are. BUT, you deserve to feel even more beautiful in some nice new clothes.

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