Running away with it

I had a great week of running and exercise in general. I ran or worked out 5 times this week which felt good and made me feel slightly less guilty about eating that third cookie at our friends’ annual Super Bowl party. I’m counting my first training week a success.

Tuesday: My first interval workout.
Wednesday: Cardio Sculpt which is now my new favorite cross-training activity. It hurts so good!
Thursday: 3 mile tempo run which was actually 3.2 miles because my treadmill is off. Avg. Pace: 9:22 min/mile
Friday: Ah a day of rest and a snow day thanks to the 16 inches Denver got. We only got about 13.5 at our house.
Saturday: 5 mile ‘long’ run. Felt so good. Avg. Pace: 10 min/mile
Sunday: Weights and 35 mins on stationary bike

I felt so good after all of my exercise this week. I’m happy to report the runs all felt great, even slightly easy. That will change of course as these workouts get longer, but I’m feelin’ good.

This week looks like last week except that my long run this week is 6 miles.

How was your weekend?

Ella’s seven month update is on the way!

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