All About Miss Ella – Month Seven

Ella is seven months old! She’s 14lbs 1oz and 24.55 inches long. It appears that we had a growth plateau this month, but she’s growing nonetheless.

We’ve had a big month around here. Now food introductions, new skills learned and the end of the stinginess with the laughing (finally!).

Let’s start with the introduction to solids. Her expressions are hilarious. Ella’s first food was avocado, which she was unsure about at first, but is now one of her favorites!

She also loves bananas. (Yes I know the Bumbo isn’t supposed to be on a table, but we’re always right there with her.) Carrots not so much. In addition to the previously mentioned foods she’s also tried applesauce (another favorite), green beans, asparagus, sweet potato, rice and pumpkin. She has enjoyed everything but the carrots (puree) and pumpkin. She’s really started to show her independence with food.

She is not a fan of eating from a spoon. She often turns her head or arches her back to let us know that there is no way that we’re putting that spoon in her mouth. If we hand it to her, she’ll take it. She’d rather have a whole green bean or piece of sweet potato and feed it to herself, which is fine because we had planned on minimal purees and just giving her food off our plates. Our mesh feeders have been awesome! If you’re introducing solids I totally recommend them.

She’s starting to like tummy time a little bit better, but mainly so she can do this little belly dance.

No sign of crawling yet but she has tried to army crawl a little bit but get frustrated when she doesn’t move much. That is ok with me. I’m not super anxious for her to be mobile. Instead of crawling maybe she’ll just skip straight to walking. She’ll walk a little bit when we hold her hands and will also use our hands to pull herself up to a standing position. She loves standing.

 She’s also enjoys practicing her party tricks.

Playing in her exersaucer and babbling which sometimes leads to bitter beer face.

So far baba and mama are her favorites to mumble. Of course those are not directed at anything in particular. She thinks its funny when we sneeze or cough or if we pretend we’re eating her rib cage and I think she has more fun pushing down her talking dog than actually playing with it.

Finally something she’s bigger than. She’s also in love with Lucky.

She loves to touch him and when he licks her she thinks it’s the greatest thing since Daddy let her suck on a graham cracker.

This is probably where I should stop because I could go on and on about the huge smile on her face when she sees us in the morning or when I pick her up for daycare. The special that’s my mommy smile. Or how she caresses my face when she’s nursing and it just makes me melt, even when she accidentally sticks her finger up my nose. How she learned to clap and the daycare ladies swear she said “yeay nap!’ By next month she might be mobile (yikes!) so for now I’m trying to cuddle with her as much as possible before she wants to be off on her own.

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