The hamster wheel

I’m quite possibly the worst blogger ever as of late.

I was perusing old posts last night and realized that a year ago today I was ready to hang up my running shoes until Ella was born because of my pesky bladder. I chuckle when I remember worrying then that I’d never be able to run normally again because I’d always feel like I have to pee. Luckily my fear of lifelong running/bladder handicap was nonsense.  Here I am a year later in my third week of half marathon training!

This week is going to hold to most mileage I’ve done in a single week in more than a year. My long run for the week is going to be 8 miles. I’m really excited about it! Oh yeah and I have a few speed workouts. This training has been unique for me in that all of my runs have been done on the treadmill. I’m not a huge fan of the treadmill and actually do my best runs in 30 degree temps, but in the past few weeks Old Man Winter decided he wanted to show up in Colorado. With a few feet of snow on the ground and highs in the 20s I have not been digging the outside run. I don’t know when I became such a wimp.

There are a few things that treadmills are awesome for: speed work, forcing a steady pace and no environmental obstacles. Having a bathroom near by isn’t so bad either.

In an effort to not shoot myself in the foot by doing my runs on the hamster belt, I’ve started playing with inclines and such. This weekend my 6 mile run I ran on random which allowed me to have somewhat of a variation in elevation. I started it on level 2 just to see how it felt. It was awesome.

Running on the treadmill is boring. There are no two ways about it. There’s no scenery to lose yourself in unless you want to be that creepy person staring at the person on the elliptical in front of you. To stave off boredom at the gym I always try to grab a treadmill with a TV. It’s a great distraction. At home I crank up the music or use my handy new Kindle Fire to watch movies. I watched The Help last week which made me actually want to keep going so that I could finish it.

I’m hoping that this weekend I’ll be able to tackle my 8 miles outside in the sunshine. It may be freezing but at least it should be sunny.

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