Beautiful Battle Wounds

Before I got pregnant one of my biggest fears was that I my body would change into something I didn’t like. I was worried I’d have stretch marks or extra skin and just generally not look like I once did. This is a common fear, even Jillian Michaels expressed these fears.

You know what, I was right. My body did change. I was lucky in that the only stretch mark I have stems from my former belly button piercing to my belly button. I have a little pouch right under my now wrinkly belly button. When I touch my stomach it wrinkles and isn’t quite as eslatic as it once was. But that’s ok. That is my Ella pouch.

It is where for 38.5 weeks my beautiful baby grew. It’s where her heart started beating, eyes started blinked and her little body began moving.

Just the other night, as Josh and I looked at a sleeping Ella, I remarked that I sometimes cannot believe that she was once in my body. My body did something remarkable, it brought Ella into the world.

Every day we’re bombarded with images of celebrities that ‘bounce back’ after baby (Spanx is making a fortune) and these ideal images of what a woman’s body should look like. It’s no wonder that women, including myself, struggle to accept their postpartum bodies. Then there are videos like the one below.

This is what we need to be sharing with each other. We shouldn’t be ashamed of our bodies. So we may have stretch marks or extra skin, we may have wider hips or bigger butts, so what. We have something beautiful to show for it.

One thought on “Beautiful Battle Wounds

  1. Anyone with enough spare cash and recovery time can “bouceback” like they were a celebrity. Plastic surgeons make a fortune with their “mommy makeover” packages (breasts, tummy tuck, liposuction). You are right, our bodies do tell a story. The challenge is to continually revisit the story with love and acceptance rather than disdain and a desire to look like we did before having babies.
    After getting over the baby body comes the “dealing with menopause” body! It is all part of the journey. Support for one another is the key.

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