Fat Tuesday Run

Yesterday morning started with one of these:

 Lunch included this:

 When I got home I had another one of these:

Dinner was topped off with one ok two of these minis:

Fat Tuesday indeed. I think I successfully overdosed on sweets yesterday because this morning I woke up and didn’t want any. Yes, Lent is upon us and sweets are out the door. Sweets include cookies, cake, pie, candy, milkshakes, ice cream, etc. I’m sure I’ll want some by lunch today, but so far so good.

Feeling all hyped up on the sugar I ingested I arrived at the gym for my longest speed workout to date. The workout, 3×1600. Including warm-up, recovery intervals and cool down I ran a cool 5 miles in just over 44 minutes. I did my mile intervals at 8:06 min/miles which felt just uncomfortable enough that by the end of the workout I was looking for that recovery interval but not hard enough that I felt like I couldn’t finish the mile.

I was a sweaty beast when I arrived home to a quiet house. Baby in bed, check, dog in bed, check, husband in bed, check. In celebration of Fat Tuesday I thought about opening a beer, but decided it would feel strange to drink a beer while pumping, and watching Parenthood by myself. I know how to get wild and crazy. Ha. Oh how far I’ve come since the days of going out to the bars to celebrate.

Anyone been to Mardi Gras? I feel like maybe I should have gone when I was in college because now I feel too old. Some day, Carnival has my name all over it!

P.S. I just realized that a year ago today we found out Ella was going to be an Ella and not the boy that Josh was so convinced she was. Wow, how time flies.

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