Time After Time

This weekend I got all sentimental and slightly freaked out about how fast time is flying by. It all started simply enough with a trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park to snowshoe. It was my idea to go, but as the wind picked up as we drove into the park I was not feeling it. We spent seriously like a half hour getting our shit together, bundling ourselves and Ella up in her snowsuit that is still about 5 inches too long. By the time we were ready, I was actually looking forward to the hike.

Ella LOVED, I mean loved being along for our snowshoeing adventure. She was babbling the entire time, saying “Wooooooo” constantly, except for when we stopped. Then she was pissed.

The only way to appease her…a little snowing nursing session. I can honestly say I never thought I’d nurse sitting on a snow-covered rock in front of Alberta Falls. Been there, done that. Round trip we probably did about 1.5-2 miles which doesn’t seem far, but holy hell were we sweaty. Once we peeled off all of our gear and stopped to return our snowshoes, that’s when the first mushy moment happened. That’s when I looked at our pictures and realized last year this:

Was just this:

Not only do I have the baby that was growing in my belly then, but she’s almost 8 months old. What!?!

Ok so that was fine and dandy. The next day I went for a 10 mile run yada yada, first double-digit since Ella was born. I got home, stretched it out and sat to play with Ella in her room. Trying to be productive I decided it was time to rotate out Ella’s clothes and introduce her new wardrobe to her dresser. This of course meant I had to pack up that super faded 0-3 month clothes. So I went to my overstuffed bins and realized nothing else was going to fit in there unless I took it all out and actually folded it. You know what was in those? The outfit we brought her home in (took it and put it in our Hope Chest):

My all-time favorite jammies:

All those adorable newborn sized onesies that used to be too big:

I looked up and saw my big girl sitting and playing with her toys.

Then I tear or two came. Ella noticed and reached for me. I grabbed her and she cuddled for about a minute before she was ready to resume playing with her toys.  Of course I felt like I have missed her whole life and momentarily dreamt of being a stay-at-home mom. Of course it’d be just like Leave It To Beaver, pearls and all. Ha.

As if to snap me back to reality, rather than my fantasy of what being a SAHM would surely be like, Ella treated me to waking up every hour to hour and a half last night. Shrill screeches followed by yanking at my shirt until one of her best friends appears for feeding. I think the teething may have begun. First thing I did this morning was order an amber teething necklace.  Of course she smiled sweetly at me as I packed up my things for work and nuzzled her little nose in my shoulder as I said goodbye.

I really do believe it when people say time really moves faster once you have kids. What makes you get all mushy and sentimental? How can I slow time down… Bueller, Bueller?

One thought on “Time After Time

  1. Here is short list of what makes me misty eyed: seeing the picture of Tom with Ella, The day you told me you were pregnant, the day Ella was born, watching you walk down the aisle to marry Josh,thinking about the day each one of my beautiful babies was born. The first day of pre-school and kindergarten, high school graduation your college graduation. I am so proud of all of my kids and everyday you all do something special that makes me smile!

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